Since 2000 I've been playing with my favorite hobby, collecting, studying and researching Mitchell fishing reels and its history. The "Mitchell" and "Mitchell Salt Water" was fitted with a full bail and an optional manual pick up system. First, we have to provide some historical background on the origins of Carpano & Pons’ C.A.P. pitched his new reel design to the troubled company and they cut a deal. All were made in Japan and never sold in Europe. The company moved its headquarters and R&D to Marignier -only 5 kms away from Cluses- where it is still located today. With the introduction of the next generation of MITCHELL 300 spinning reels, we remain dedicated to our heritage of creating trusted fishing tackle and memories that last a life time. One of Mitchell’s most outstanding design reels, the "510" made its debut in 1969. Mitchell 301 AM – 1949-1953 = Unknown But Limited. The number of Mitchell reel models turned out to be much larger than expected. All too often reels come in for service that are stuffed with grease. The history of Mitchell fishing reels first started in France back in 1939. It was known as the "Mitchell Cap", also called "Cap 54" which also represented the year Free-Trade status was granted in the US. Sitemap leading to Mitchell links, history, prehistory, articles, books, auctions, shows, clubs, genealogy, glossary, images, lookalikes, look-alikes Originally manufacturing other goods, the first Abu fishing reel was produced in 1941 and they have been a mainstay of the fixed spool and multiplier bait casting reel market ever since around the world. Mitchell 301 AP – 1952-1986 = 1,335,253 Units. This one is the 1957 Mitchell 300 1-Millionth Celebration Reel. ::SHORT HISTORY ABOUT ABU BRAND::. R.D. The first reel produced by ZHB in 1949 was the Standard. Today, Mitchell remains dedicated to our heritage of making reliable fishing tackle that performs flawlessly and allows all … c/o Coleman Benelux BV Minervum 7168 4817 ZN BREDA The Netherlands 0031 76 76 200 30 Tagged. Posted Under. Archives Slightly Moldy Chum Videos. Mitchell 300 AP – 1952-1986 = 13,128,960 Units. Mitchell is now part of a leading family of famous fishing tackle brands like Berkley, Abu Garcia and Fenwick. The Browning Company became distributor of the Mitchell brand in Northern America and a major shareholder. For some unknown reason, Mitchell had serial numbers on a few models and on others had none. No suprise that the the 20,000,000th reel was celebrated in 1971. The website also includes an excellent forum where you can ask questions of people who know the history of these reels, and the company the made them. Garcia Mitchell vintage fishing reels have a metal body, rotor housing and spool and were made to last - a key reason they are still in use today and loved by collectors. Since its introduction in the late 1940s, nearly 30 million Mitchell 300s had been sold worldwide. The Carpano&Pons family acquired 27% of the Garcia shares. Now still a very popular brand, collecting Mitchell reels has become very popular and we have a nice selection of them for sale. Pflueger Company, he expanded the company from a hook manufacturer to al Since 1881 the Pflueger name has been part of the fishing industry when Ernest F. Pflueger founded a fish hook company called the Enterprise Manufacturing Company. Retired CEO of the exclusive Garcia distributor company in England, Barrie is a living legend who has helped Wallace Carney preserve the history and legacy of Mitchell reels. Mitchell reels sold in the US and those sold in Europe have the same sequence of numbering and placement. Things changed a lot in 1954 when the Hardy-patent for the full bail arm expired. Mitchell remains a much loved brand, and many anglers love to keep and repair the fishing reels with Mitchell parts, particularly the vintage reels. Mitchell Fishing Reels, Mitchell Spinning Reels. The Reelstown guide to ABU spinning reels . The name "Salt Water" chosen for this heavy-duty model was rather obvious. The main goal is thus to inform people of Mitchell reels and their history behind, and to get them out fishing with them.” This deal became official on June 14, 1974 and was commemorated with the special issue of a 300DL-model (see here). Archives Slightly Moldy Chum Videos. The History of Mitchell Reels from its formative years starting in 1939, and meteoric rise securing its place in history as the greatest fishing reel ever made! There is even a Mitchell Reel Museum, located in Cluses, France, which is the birthplace of the Mitchell. In 1974, Garcia (see also here) was a dominant force in the fishing tackle market and became a major stockholder of Mitchell. ORCA is The Old Reel Collectors Association, Inc., which is a non-profit, educational corporation. The History of Abu Garcia Reels plus Ambassadeur Reel History: Before there were Abu Garcia fishing reels, they were called Garcia Abu and Garcia Ambassadeur reels in The USA and Canada. Perhaps the moment wasn’t right: the effects of the first oil crisis became distinct and were felt all over the globe. With the durable Planamatic gearing and a 5:1 gear ratio, this quality Mitchell reel is still a very popular fishing reel. We hope you enjoyed the reading of the Mitchell prehistory and that you are curious to know what happened in the more recent past. I am a big fan of Mitchell spinning reels and related products and am always looking for more information on their history as well as technical data and other info. Production reached an amazing number of 12,000 reels per day in 1970. One of Mitchell’s most outstanding design reels, the "510" made its debut in 1969. The first model with a skirted spool, the "316", was welcomed in 1963. Abu Reels was founded in 1921 in Sweden by Carl August Borgström and was originally called AB Urfabriken. The first born "Mitchell" became "Mitchell 300", the "Salt Water" received number "302" engraved on its side-plate, and the "Cap" will be for ever known as the "304". In 1974, Mitchell partnered with The Garcia Corporation, which was a dominant force in the fishing tackle market. From 1984 to 1990 Mitchell of France created a new controlling entity for their North American distribution called Mitchell Sports USA. The first "low budget" model, the "320", was marketed in 1965. Reel 13 "Garcia Mitchell 314" on left side but "C.A.P." In 1966, the birth of the 10,000,000th reel was celebrated with the issuing of a gold plated model Check out our new & improved Mitchell Reel Museum website that has been under reconstruction. Pure Fishing Benelux BV/Shakespeare Europe BV. Mitchell Sports USA was part of Mitchell of France and a major shareholder in the Mitchell corporation. Garcia was already involved in the importing, marketing and distributing of the Mitchell 300 spinning reel from France since 1947. By 1983, with only four years of involvement with Mitchell, Browning relinquished its control and was no longer involved with Mitchell. I am a big fan of Mitchell spinning reels and related products and am always looking for more information on their history as well as technical data and other info. A lot of the time the grease closest to moving parts has dried, and hardened.. Jan 31, 2015 - Explore Gustavo Renovalez's board "Vintage Mitchell Reels" on Pinterest. The climate created by an economic depression and the increasing competition from the Pacific Rim manufacturers prompted Mitchell to declare bankrupcy in 1981. SECOND PERIOD (1958–1970) Reels produced during this period present a greater debate as to when they were manufactured.