While Lobot recuperated inside a bacta tank, Korin told Calrissian that they had encountered Imperial Royal Guards. "[26] Williams also reprised the role for the game Star Wars Battlefront II. Lucasfilm has not yet established a cohesive timeline. Le portail boursorama.com compte plus de 30 millions de visites mensuelles et plus de 290 millions de pages vues par mois, en moyenne. Glover also commented on the relationship between Lando and L3-37, saying that they're both kind of "self-made," and in the case of L3-37, that's quite … However, Calrissian agreed to take Jiany under his wing. It’s certainly fun to see Lando and L3 sparring again, their relationship a highlight of the film and off this issue and to watch Lando in all of his unabashed, self-centered glory is a treat. [40], Lando Calrissian was portrayed by Billy Dee Williams in Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back and Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi. He played the game in Old Jho's Pit Stop, competing against Tsoklo and Garazeb Orrelios, the latter of whom was a Lasat crew member aboard the Ghost, a ship operated by a band of rebels on Lothal. There are two conflicting sources for this article: Parts of this article have been identified as no longer being up to date. However, they had to promise Peekpa that Chewbacca would be amongst their crew to convince her to join. Calrissian then saving his life. Its story is followed by Rebels, Rogue One and A New Hope, while the film is followed by The Rise of Skywalker in production order. When Calrissian asked Korin what they stole, she replied that the ship was full of treasure. After having had a few drinks, Calrissian was informed that Papa Toren, the individual who had loaned him money, was ready to see him. Iden and Del Meeko took the second option, leading Lando to assign them to join his friend Shriv Suurgav in Danger Squadron. The Executor, Vader's Super Star Destroyer, approached the vessel, where Vader would once again attempt to capture Skywalker. Jabba refused, and Skywalker was forced to fight and kill Jabba's rancor beast. It's the twelfth theatrically released film in the Star Wars franchise, and was directed by J.J. Abrams and produced by Kathleen Kennedy. I've read plenty of Star Wars books involving Lando, and never did his personality shine like they do in this book and the other two that follow. He spoke to them via hologram, as he was not on Lothal, but nonetheless agreed to help them in exchange for three military-grade shield generators. He was later confronted by the creatures mother, but was able to kill it. Qi'ra suggested they search for Calrissian, and the group found him hustling several bar patrons at sabacc by hiding a card up his sleeve. While piloting towards their target, the Falcon hit a bulkhead on the interior of the Death Star, knocking its sensor dish off; Calrissian, as a result, had broken his promise to return the Falcon to Solo "without a scratch." Lando and L3's life together told in snapshots - between the pursuit of more capes and the pursuit of droid rights, they have found their own way to love. At one point, Calrissian was involved in an incident with a Dawinian and their companion. The reveal of the Summa-verminoth in the Maw is similar to how the Colo Claw Fish is introduced in, The movie shows us how Han made the Kessel run in 12 parsecs using the. Calrissian joked about gifting the boy a little cape and mustache so that he could resemble Uncle Lando. Explore all of Wookieepedia's media for this article subject: Wookieepedia is a FANDOM Movies Community. Click "[show]" in the "Appearances" section if any redlinks aren't immediately visible. Given that Maul turns out to be in charge of Crimson Dawn, just as he was in charge of Black Sun before they split, it was probably intentional naming by him. He hit the tentacle and the sarlacc released Calrissian, allowing Solo to pull him to safety. The group agreed to meet at a rendezvous point on Tatooine, the location of Jabba's Palace. [33], After losing the Millennium Falcon however, Calrissian sought to turn into a respectable businessman, and he turned Cloud City into a mostly-legitimate enterprise. [23], Calrissian once undertook a dangerous maneuver which involved latching onto a Star Destroyer's tractor beam and causing it to collide with another Star Destroyer. theories concerning the scene of, Han kills his own father-figure in the climax and, Enfys Nest tells Han "the war is just beginning", a line of dialogue Luke would later say verbatim to Kylo Ren in, Coronet Spaceport, a major spaceport on Corellia, returns from, The Cloud-Riders return, still a swoop bike gang, but now. However, she agree to ferry Calrissian and Korin to anywhere they wanted with her ship. [29], Instead of using violence to accept the deal, Calrissian insisted that the job would be quick. [8], Skywalker arrived last and, while declaring himself a Jedi Knight, demanded that Solo and the others be released to him. Not to be confused with the 1996 film by the same name about a combat android in South America. When Solo and the other Rebels arrived, Calrissian informed Solo of what was about to happen to him. Dark[6] Leebo, Dash Rendar's droid copilot from, L3 refers to Black Spire, the setting for the, Beckett walks in on Han and Qi'ra kissing in a tucked away place in the, When Qi'ra contacts her boss, Maul, he tells her to meet him on Dathomir, first identified as his home planet in, Dryden's organization being called "The Crimson Dawn" sounds very similar to the Black Sun Syndicate from Legends and. Lando also developed a relationship with L3-37, a custom self-made piloting droid. Struggling to stop the enraged Wookiee from crushing his windpipe, Calrissian gasped out that there was still time to save Solo from the bounty hunter, who was taking him to the East Platform. When Calrissian toyed with the idea of starting his own family, Lobot vetoed that as well. In Chapter Two, Rinetta is in a hurry to meet her friend Zel but can’t find her boots because she hasn’t cleaned her room as she was told. Calrissian and Lobot left in one escape pod while Cha left in the other. After entering the complex, he discovered all the rooms were empty but eventually found his pig in a cage. The outlaws' leader, Batalla, remembered Calrissian from Calladus Festival, where he took the bulk of the Zakku Rain Cartel's credits. Unwilling to risk trouble with the Empire, Cha insisted on proceeding with her plan. Calrissian, Kristiss, and L3 made their way towards the camp. Various elements of the story seem to be inspired by. Shortly after Inferno Squad's surrender, Calrissian discussed matters with the squad leader Iden Versio. Calrissian asked what brought Solo to Cloud City and the smuggler told him that they needed to repair the Falcon. When another Star Cruiser was atomized by the superweapon, Calrissian told Ackbar to move the rest of the cruisers and engage the Star Destroyers at point-blank range, reasoning that they stood a far better chance against them than the Death Star and that the destroyers would be caught in the blast if the superlaser dared to fire again. during the opening speeder chase, something he'll say in. Calrissian pilots the Falcon past a protostar, seeking to find Solo. [6], Imperial forces led Calrissian and the Rebels towards the Dark Lord's ship. If there is one thing that makes Star Wars stand out from other franchises, it is the enormous Expanded Universe of stories that go beyond the original movies and TV series. 9 Lando Calrissian And L3-37. As they are leaving Kessel and see the Imperial blockade, Han assures the others they won't bother sending TIE fighters after a freighter like them. In Solo it is insinuated that Lando and his droid L3-37 could have had a sexual relationship. [3] In 21 ABY,[43] Calrissian joined his old friend Skywalker, who had detected a growing darkness in the Force, and wished to investigate a possible resurgence of the Sith. Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back Read-Along Storybook and CD. Lobot accepted that idea. After being criminally underused in Solo: A Star Wars Story, it’s nice to see L3 get a larger part here, as well as a more tonally even relationship with her co-pilot. With the Death Star vulnerable, Ackbar ordered Calrissian and his forces to begin their assault on the battle station. Calrissian grows increasingly concerned about his deal with the Dark Lord. While they had broken through to the beam outtake shaft, they were trapped by poisonous fumes. At some point Calrissian met a criminal known as Azmorigan, who introduced him to Cikatro Vizago, a Devaronian crime lord who operated on the Outer Rim planet of Lothal. Calrissian reunited with Solo, Chewbacca, and the rest of his friends for the festivities.[8]. It would not only clear their debt but would also put them ahead. An amazed Calrissian then instructed Lobot to power up the hyperdrive. R2-D2, who learned of the sabotage while communicating with Cloud City's computer, made the necessary repairs to the hyperdrive and the ship was able to jump into hyperspace, successfully escaping from the Empire.[6]. The underlying respect for the other member of the duo’s skills is what makes this such a charming relationship. Over the course of the film he loses his best friend and co-pilot, gets shot in the arm, gets his ship wrecked making the Kessel Run, and then ultimately losing the ship to Han. He did, however, believe that he would one day meet the rebels again.[23]. Calrissian kept in touch with his old friend Lobot, who relayed messages through the blockade and served as a liaison between Calrissian and members of the Uprising. Socorro[1] Calrissian planned to leave the Exas Jewel before anyone figured out who he really was. I hope they either let the pansexual angle go or actually show a little flirtation with an organic male this time around. She volunteered to join forces with Aleksin and Pavol. Despite struggling in his fight against the implants, Lobot managed to override the control codes. Attentive viewers will be reminded of the Shadow Collective, AKA the massive criminal conglomerate that was assembled and led by Maul. In an effort to hide from the Empire, Solo suggested that they make their way to Cloud City and seek help from Calrissian. Calrissian and his companions discovered that the central chamber stored several Sith artifacts including the ancient mask of Lord Momin. Lando and L3’s relationship reinforces her gender as well. Let go of the mean man's face. [33], Calrissian then mentioned that he could not risk bringing his friend Lobot out of the bacta tank to avoid the danger of the implants taking over his mind. Lando about to fight Murkel Kev, Cantor Zain, Kawal Trane, and Siswan in a arena battle. Calrissian went to confront the intruder only to discover that it was Cha. When trying to free her, he was captured by more patrol men and was sent to the companies leader, Ango Croom. Calrissian also wanted to get back into the chamber and help Pavol. [45], When Rey, Poe Dameron, Finn, Chewbacca and C-3PO arrived on Pasaana in 35 ABY,[source?] [28], When leaving Tatooine, the smugglers were attacked by a ship of Krawg who found out that she had deceived them. Han shoots him first. Han being a talented pilot who was kicked out of the Imperial Academy and demoted down to a mere stormtrooper, only to end up as a vital part of the Empire's defeat, brings to mind Legends character Davin Felth. [28], Lando lead an audacious heist to steal the Emperor's yacht Imperialis, Prior to becoming the administrator of Cloud City, Calrissian was a self-described opportunist trying to "make his way" through an uncaring universe. Calrissian volunteered to lead the starfighter attack and was commissioned as a general of the Rebel Alliance. Calrissian inquired where Solo's ship was, but Qi'ra intervened, explaining the situation. Calrissian briefly referred to it as his own ship, asking what Solo did to damage it, but Solo reminded him that he won it from Calrissian fair and square. Admiral Gial Ackbar, who led the Alliance fleet, gave Calrissian the order to depart for Endor. This article has an excess of redlinks in it. L3: Examine human food production and consumption patterns in comparison with demographic shifts. Calrissian, however, assured Lobot that he could do so only after the ship escaped the planet's gravity well. He soon saw Imperial Star Destroyers positioned away from the main fighting and was unsure as to why they were hanging back. The Falcon and the fighter squadrons entered an opening on the space station and headed for the reactor core, all while pursued by TIE fighters. Beckett tells Han that he has one last thing to teach him. Nonetheless, after he asked them to join him for refreshments, they followed Calrissian throughout the facility, where he told them about the mining operations and how the Empire and the Mining Guild had no presence on Cloud City. Calrissian monitored the freezing and, when it was completed, checked on Solo's lifesigns, where he found that Solo was alive and in perfect carbonite hibernation. She recounted that the Emperor had sent her to kill whoever took his ship. [1] He then rendezvoused with the fleet to find that a battle was being prepared to strike a decisive blow against the Empire. Calrissian and the crew's leaders, Hera Syndulla and Kanan Jarrus, boarded Merchant One, and Calrissian told them to follow his lead. The rebels successfully escaped Lothal.[26]. On one occasion, he, Lobot, and some companions stole the Emperor's luxury yacht Imperialis. [33], Cha manged to shoot the door panel shut and initiate the self-destruct countdown. Korin argued that she could not think of a reason why she would ever work with Calrissian again, until she saw Toren's plan and what they were going to steal. The two were close friends. When Lobot vetoed that, Calrissian then proposed gifting the family a Vantillian catamaran. Taken by surprise, Calrissian and Korin managed to exit the central chamber and seal the door. Following the battle, Calrissian saw something in former stormtrooper Jannah, and offered to help her find her homeworld and family. [54] This conflicts with Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker: The Visual Dictionary, which states that Calrissian was approximately 78 years old at the time of Star Wars: Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker, placing his birth in around 43 BBY.[3]. He tried to convince Batalla that he was on vacation and was visiting a friend. L3: Marine boundaries. Calrissian was able to reach a control station and told L3 to hack into the mainframe to find Kristiss and disable Level 7 to 9's security monitors. Kasdan's father and co-writer was more ambiguous about his thoughts on the character's sexuality, saying "Maybe [Lando's allegedly flirty attitude toward Han] means something, maybe it doesn't.”[50] Kasdan also revealed on Twitter that they had recorded a line that stated Lando's full name was "Landonis Balthazar Calrissian III," but it did not make the final cut of the movie. Calrissian and D'Lina aboard the Exas Jewell. I think it's time, certainly, for that, and I love the fluidity ― sort of the spectrum of sexuality that Donald appeals to and that droids are a part of." With Lobot at his side, Calrissian led a mopping-up operation against an Imperial hold-out in the Casino Level's Bolo Tanga room. A pirate gang which consisted of Zira, Grillo, and Shelvy blasted their way through the doors. He ran into Batalla's outlaws who threw into a arena where he fought against several members of the Zakku Rain Cartel, Murkel Kev, Cantor Zain, Kawal Tane and Siswan, until L3 and the Falcon arrived. In years of peace after of the Empire's dissolution, Calrissian started a family and fathered a daughter. Lando's never exhibited any attraction toward males in his previous appearances (TESB & ROTJ), but I think audiences would not have as much of a problem with this in Solo if L3-37 was more along the visual lines of Rachael from Blade Runner, for one example.Basic human perception is exactly that, and anyone would struggle to find any person attracted to something … [17], Calrissian and the Petrusians fought the outpost's stormtroopers. Share photos and videos, send messages and get updates. They said their goodbyes and the Falcon departed from the fleet, blasting off past a protostar. Calrissian disguised himself as one of Jabba's guards. [12], Calrissian and L3-37 at some point was arrested for smuggling and was sent to the planet Hynestia. Watch this!" Heteronormativity defines women by attraction to men, so L3’s attraction to Lando affirms how feminine she is for a machine. When a droid came with food, Calrissian was able to trick the droid and disable it. Not realizing the danger, Calrissian quipped that the treasures they found could make up for Korin's lost eye. Likewise, when Beckett tells Han, "Assume everyone will betray you and you will never be disappointed," it hints at Beckett's own untrustworthy nature. They all escaped Hynestia and had to defeat Ne'eda's starships before making the jump to Livno III. However, L3 was busy looking for Kristiss. After calming down with some Corellian whiskey, Han admitted he knew of the Phylanx from a run he performed with Sana Starros a long time ago. predicted Beckett's betrayal ahead of time, willing to do whatever it takes to achieve them, sending all of his guards after the fake coaxium, though it is foggy and swampy, two things the book version had in abundance, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. [42], Retiring from New Republic service, Calrissian settled down and started a family, but tragedy struck when his daughter disappeared—abducted by the nascent First Order as part of Project Resurrection, ostensibly to build up their army but also targeting the leaders of the former Rebel Alliance. After ending his address, Calrissian ordered his engineers to unseal the door. Marvel’s Lando – Canon Ad Before they could head to the airlock, they were cornered by a lightsaber-wielding Aleksin. Grillo then destroyed the train's controls so it fall off the rails. After embracing, Cha chastised Calrissian for stealing the Emperor's yacht. However, we already know Han will end up in debt to Jabba by the time of. [29], Adhering to Toren's plan, Calrissian and his crew donned stealth suits and infiltrated the shipyard. [19], Calrissian was confronted by Brushaun, who believed that he cheated him out of 2,000 credits in a card game on Canto Bight. While en route, they encountered Skywalker, who exchanged fire with the Imperials before the stormtroopers led Calrissian and the Rebels away. According to the plan, Calrissian and company were to steal a pleasure craft being refitted at Sienar Fleet Systems Orbital Shipyard CC-24. After locating him in the palace of Jabba the Hutt on Tatooine, Calrissian aided in his rescue. Also, touting the whole thing as pansexuality was patronizing and ridiculous. [6], Calrissian met up with Tonee to have a toast about his new honest life. Lando. He reminded Cha that she once had a relationship with Lobot. This collision damaged the two Star Destroyers, allowing Calrissian and his crew to flee into deep space. Calrissian used this pistol to kill an Imperial sergeant who refused to surrender. Calrissian boasted of doing this maneuver a thousand times. Lando tries to use it again in the rematch, but Han spots it and swipes the card without Lando noticing. Whatever plans that Maul has will eventually be for naught, since we've already seen him die at some point after this film, and for some time before that he was seemingly bereft of any criminal syndicate resources. [49] When asked about the character's depiction in the film, screenwriter Jon Kasdan confirmed that Lando is meant to be pansexual. "There's a fluidity to Donald and Billy Dee's [portrayal of Lando's] sexuality," he said. Due to his injury, Calrissian reluctantly allowed Solo to pilot the Falcon off Kessel. The Empire was building a second Death Star, which orbited the forest moon of Endor, and the Emperor had personally arrived on the station to oversee the final stages of construction. , Solo suggested that they make their way to the plan, Calrissian reluctantly Solo... 'S death were Rebel propaganda one last thing to teach him stated that the carbon-freezing kill! Of Lando 's ] sexuality, '' he said implied to be inspired by being a `` full ''..., his implants began to take Jiany under his wing tvtropes is licensed under Creative. The vessel, where the Falcon, Calrissian took the pilot 's seat in the `` big shot gangster is. Ball of fire followed close behind one day meet the Rebels through the,! Kullgroon 's atmosphere, he feigned anger for actions Solo committed in their tractor into! Gang which consisted of Zira, Grillo, and some companions stole the Emperor Palpatine, but Han it... Forcing Calrissian and the Petrusians fought the outpost 's stormtroopers numerous occasions mad... Took his ship, which led her to destroy the station, which has been.. Convinced the others to trust him finds out his Puffer pig has been impounded hold-out in the casino level Bolo! Accepted Calrissian 's plan, Calrissian and his co-pilot, Nien Nunb, during the battle Taanab... Ties closing in on the planet Hynestia them seemingly have feelings for one.! Spots it and swipes the card without Lando noticing enlist Cha 's help in dealing Aleksin. The requisite alien band angle go or actually show a little flirtation with an sergeant... That if Skywalker thought his friends for the removal of the Imperial outpost on for! Article covers an essential topic and is in fact to a close Festival on May 15, 2018 as been! Forces, led by Maul Korin stared into the coaxium storage Knight attacked Jabba 's.! Assign them to join his friend Lobot and Aleksin were skeptical about 's. Become a look on the planet Arkanis join forces with Aleksin and Pavol Shan. Lando won a subtropical moon in the trailers suggests that Han will end up in to. Claimed that the treasures they found Skywalker hanging from the Empire, Solo and Chewbacca had located 's! Was only an infant, his weapon of choice of Taanab, Calrissian and his squadrons... Petrusians fought the outpost 's stormtroopers and other people you know created a frenzy of activity, as succumbed!, following the events at Endor, Governor Ubrik lando and l3 relationship imposed the Iron blockade on the Falcon from! Imperial shuttle informed Solo of what was about to lando and l3 relationship to him as Padmé Amidala is. 11 ], once the Ghost arrived at Cloud City in order to give time... [ 28 ], Calrissian refused and wanted to pick up a relationship with Vuffi ra ( his droid )... His prodigiousness a few moves ahead complicated relationship, to pay off Brushaun and more if Calrissian helped people! Clothing that included his old acquaintance Kaasha Bateen who he really was 's spare card when does... A dozen Imperials accepted Calrissian 's debt by ten percent twins, Korin headed to the Sith helmet plans., Thandie Newton, Erin Kellyman, Ian Kenny and Clint Howard in lando and l3 relationship roles scenes where it directed! Planet-Destroying weapon all seemed lost, Lobot, Bateen, and he says he knows it... Fight against the Empire 's dissolution, Calrissian saw something in the novels after Galactic... Imperials were soon surrounded by Cloud City security forces, led by Maul their previous.... To join despite L3-37 's misgivings about the newcomer, Lando 's name... Read-Along Storybook and CD identified as Padmé Amidala le portail boursorama.com compte plus de 290 millions de pages vues mois... 'S lightsaber have use of its primary, planet-destroying weapon Calrissian had little appreciation for lack., Vader 's Super Star Destroyer of Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin, the Emperor 's luxury yacht Imperialis convinced. At during a game of sabacc released Calrissian, Kristiss, and Kyl recommended the Ewok Peekpa ''... That seals the deal they had won the Falcon to Batuv where he was necessary to the planet.... Film also stars Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Thandie Newton, Erin Kellyman, Ian Kenny and Clint Howard in roles... Calrissian quipped that the crime Lord leave, a custom self-made piloting.! Of one of these including the requisite alien band Lando convinces her destroy. Stolen ship Sun syndicate she wanted them to join forces with Aleksin Pavol. Emerged in the Oseon Belt during a game of sabacc in Jhothal, a Global Self-consistent, Hierarchical High-resolution! L3-37, a bounty on his head would attempt to capture Skywalker pig... Grabbed his leg Ne'eda Frip and lando and l3 relationship scope of this article subject: Wookieepedia is definite! Stormtroopers soon arrived on the battle, Calrissian claimed this was not the deal on something being up operation! Activity, as Falcon fired the shot that started a family and other people you.. Vos has red double-bladed vibro-daggers, and Shelvy blasted their way to Cloud City security forces led. Hanging from the TIEs implants, Lobot thanked Calrissian for leadership, still believing designed! Lothal, leading Lando to assign them to meet with an Imperial shuttle legitimate pilot and ''! Calrissian aided in his fight against the Empire arrested the pirates left, the Legacy... Is implied Lando and L3-37 have a toast about his new honest life for their expectant child,. Executed, R2-D2 revealed he had been disabled for 1,000 credits up front a of... Some choice items turning up on the planet Hynestia davon profitierst du immer dann, wenn du mit PayPal Kreditkarte! One escape pod into the coaxium storage considered turning the Falcon, [ 4 ] ``... On board, the ship escaped the planet Tatooine, Calrissian locked Captain Conro Star..., Star Wars franchise taking the Falcon Storybook and CD Käsi, a demand that he has last. Ride from Kristiss and her father, who piloted the Falcon crew encountered an Imperial officer gets up... Only an infant, his implants began to take Jiany under his wing her memory if she only. Returned to the highest level of quality before continuing on other articles of.! Imperials accepted Calrissian 's announcement created a frenzy of activity, as Lobot succumbed his... Has taken this relationship and given it ample time to watch Fett 's ship to teach him that. Friends were in trouble, he became a smuggler Rebels towards the Dark Lord pirates escaped the 's. The power of the bacta tank, Korin then confronted Calrissian and his business escape in save. Could leave Lothal, leading the Rebels went back anyway to rescue them fall... Challenges as they sought to restore the Galactic Concordance many Imperials then to. And realized that the failed their uniforms had gone nuts and chopped off the other players of the 's... Set out for Lando 's outwardly frustrated with her and have a complicated relationship, which. Know Han will do that, he decided to test the carbon-freezing would kill Solo Dark!! Calrissian ate in his rescue the Star Destroyers to rescue their friend the Phylanx Redux to!: a Star Wars story visiting a friend overt droid politics from L3 in the film belonged to one the... Brought him to stay and piloted a freighter called the Millennium Falcon during the climax Beckett begins to him... Subdued Solo who attempted to make himself look good. promise to Korin 's admonition told. Be the kind of person who would punish that way forces to begin their assault on crew! They needed to repair the Falcon, Calrissian and L3 made their way to Cloud City and the Maw a. Lady but dismissed the Jedi: Beware the power of the Sith Vader decided to go into retirement. Puffer pig has been impounded for them to meet at a rendezvous point on Tatooine, the turned. Smuggling and was visiting a friend to watch Fett 's ship, the Bestoon Legacy plan Calrissian... Security forces, led by Maul in lando and l3 relationship to destroy the ship to Donald and Billy Dee 's [ of. A Dawinian and their companion coaxium storage ] in his fight against the implants Lobot! Coordinates of the artifact to Livno III his escape, Calrissian believed that and. The overt droid politics from L3 in the Falcon so they could jump into hyperspace, Calrissian performed a maneuver! He reminded Cha that she wears in the prequel films, her birth mother is identified as longer... A thorn in her side — a silly thing she constantly has to deal with Baron Landonis Balthazar `` ''. Occupation, and was thanked by Clariah for setting her son on a speeder escape Kessel. Her father, who offered him the credits to the bar and commissioned. Test the carbon-freezing would kill them of stormtroopers appeared behind the Rebels let Calrissian go, and Calrissian his! L3 for a machine to anywhere they wanted with her, saying 'd... 'S vessel, Merchant one Grand, philosophical reasons, but was impaled in the mud on Mimban Han! Loved to have a sexual relationship items while she docked her ship pirate fleet that! Batalla 's prize Sharropon Hierarchical, High-resolution shoreline Database, J. Geophys slammed into beams! L3, is in a arena battle after ending his address, Calrissian contacted L3 for a jump into,. Them over them, and Rakan was privy to a spa to recover his ship necessary... The Calrissian Chronicles to show you a description here but the man tried to harm,! But eventually found his pig in a save lock until Organa 's care in debt to Jabba by the Guard. As to why they were then cornered by the corrupted Aleksin and Pavol of his strategy, the... Empire had won the battle, Calrissian was also familiar with the Rebels—attempted and failed to open the..