You can consult a local lawyer who deals in municipality matters. If you are building a plaza and are confused with the choice of whether to go for a basement or a stilt floor than firstly go for the bylaws and general practice being adopted in your locality. In addition to open parking provided, if any, the covered parking per dwelling unit shall be as follows: Upto 75 sq. parking norms in a plot, the parking norms of the preceding category shall be allowed. The Developer to demolish the building existing in the plot and construct new multi storied buildings taking into account the earthquake resistant factors as directed by The Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai. 6. 1. The constrcution is yet to begin and our queries are 1. is the 3rd floor legal without stilt parking. In providing the parking, care has to be taken that 50% of the open space is left for landscaping and is not accounted for into parking calculations. 35 (2) iv) Areas covered by staircases/ lift wells including lobbies as specified, excluding ... « MCD demolished 29 illegal properties in capital. made, the parking spaces shall be in accordance with Bye-law No.13.2. 2. of cars that one stilt parking can accommodate here we have roughly 140 gaj parking space. The logic behind the same, according to the MCD, is that those who have huge plots and are able to create parking space within the premises should not be forced to create stilt parking. Building Plans Permit | MCD Rules and Procedure. In case you receive a notice, you could challenge it in the High Court. 2 One car space per 92.93 sq. Height of stilt floor should not be less than 8’2″. He could help you plan the course of action. The Supreme Court on Friday asked the Delhi government to take a decision on the draft parking rules, which stress on the need to decongest Capital’s roads, within 10 days. : June 8, 2020 | 12:53 PM Reply 9, 10 and 11) will be permitted only if such plots have a minimum of 39′ wide roads only. Lists officials and their contact details. Confused between Stilt Parking and Basement Parking? including Site development, Access Path/ Walk Way, Parking, Building requirements, Stair, Lifts, Toilets, Drinking Water, Refuge and signage. wikiteam Conversion and other Tax in Delhi, Information No Comments Building Plans permits for Residential plotted Development. (vii) If the building is constructed with stilt area of non-habitable height (less than 2.4m), used for parking, such stilt area shall not be included in FAR but would be counted towards the height of the building. The Master plan - 2021 allows construction of 4 floors ( G + 3 ) Subject to fulfilment of stilt parking , FAR and Ground coverage . This parking can be provided in any manner, i.e. mts. . (ii) is more than 15 meters without stilt parking or 17.5 meters with stilt parking and Fire Clearance Certificate is available with the applicant. Area under stilts and basement shall not be counted towards F.A.R. rules, regulations and procedures. Is NOC manadatory … Further, a Division Bench of this Court in P.K. Clarification to Policy for stilt parking in all licenced colonies and CLU granted plots/areas for all purposes (except farmhouses) having size of 6 Marla (151.75 sqm) and above. (viii) Parking:- Parking space shall be provided for within the residential plot as follows: a. The parking norms are also important for getting a building plan sanctioned," Commissioner of South Delhi Municipal Corporation Manish Gupta said. 2.4m), used for parking, such stilt area shall not be included in FAR but would be counted towards the height of the building. Than remember that basement will cost you 3 times more than having a stilt floor for parking. ... as it was full of noxious fumes entering from the stilt parking area on account of the chimney effect. 22.05.2013: Clarification to Policy for Stilt Parking: Download: 23. 1 Vertical Exit-A Vertical is a means of exit used for ascension or descension between or more levels including stairways, smoke proof towers, ramps, and fire escapes. space/s / stilt parking space/s." 3—- why MCD not taking any actions even when everything is clearly visible. m. of the covered area. The Delhi government on September 23, 2019, notified its parking policy, banning parking on footpaths and allowing civic agencies to prepare a plan for accommodating cars within residential areas. 2—– Do we have any mechanism which tells us legally about the no. The second part is what worries me - a stilt parking lot is not accepted as a garage simply because there are no walls to protect a car! Explanation. v. Union of India and Ors. The setback rules are broadly divided into High Rise Buildings taller than 18.30 meters and Non High Rise Buildings less than 18.30 meter in height. Daily basis, am follow-up with MCD & I personally visit three to four time visit at MCD Najafgarh registrar office for any solution. it is a open legalized decoity by applying the stamp duty on super area instead of stopping this. xii) Lifts and stairs Could you please provide the specifications of the structure so that we can help you with the exact details. The new building should have stilt for car parking and should consist of … The parking floor should not be less than 14’7″ in height if mechanical system and lift is provided. Edt-A passage, channel or means of egress from any buildings, storeys or floor area to _ ~::-eet or other open space of safety . covered or open. Property tax on stilt parking 18 August 2016 Sydney Fernandes, Mumbai BMC- Mumbai is charging our society property tax on stilt parking. must accurate the terms in realstate business, specially super build up area which is unknown to all. I have lodge a request for issuance of my son duplicate birth certificate bearing MCD online application number 1007279 on 30.05.2011. The Union Urban Development Ministry in 2010 first moved a proposal to lift a restriction on taking mandatory NOC of floor owners if an owner of the third floor wants to go ahead with such construction. *That there is a provision of lift in premises and the applicant has obtained the lift fitness certificate from the Electrical Inspector for the lift in the said (c) That there is no provision of stilt parking in building plan as submitted even though the provision of stilt parking is mandatory in view of circular dated 27.04.2011 issued by MCD. ... clearly provided that the matter will be governed by the Cinematograph Rules. Based on the area/colony in which your property is located, you would need to pay your property tax, either to the South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC), the North Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) or the East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC). 02.03.2012: DGTCP, Hr Instructions: Download supreme court has ruled that stilt area comes as common parking area as it is not included in the FSI of the property. 14.3 Illegal parking in stilt floor: The stilt floor where the three electrical rooms (generator room, HT room and LT room) were situated, had an earmarked parking space for 15 cars. Buildings of height above 49’5″ and below feet (those in Sl.Nos. mts. The Building Bye laws, 1983 are applicable in Municipal limits. Restriction in the ceiling height of habitable Rooms. It was obvious that the court ruled out considering parking spots as "flats" - to do so would have violated the particular act under which the housing complex was registered. 4—-All the flats are registered and the irony It is being done under the nose of MCD. Parking is going to be a pricey affair in Delhi as the government is set to notify new rules, hiking the fees.. lift wells and passages in stilt, basement and floors exclusively used for parking and other ancillary users as permitted in this regulation No. Registry of Independent Floors on Plots, Stilt Parking, FAR, Collaboration, Gurgaon 17.5 metres- proposed relaxation for buildings with stilt parking, Delhi Best HUDA Sectors in Gurgaon to buy 200-250 sq yards plots- CLOSED = 35 sq. Above 76 sq. OFFHAND (To share own independent thoughts, for the ‘common good’) Though not so stated, there can be no doubt or denying that the observations / view points of the writer brought to bear/ aired are based on, as a professional, his own study and personal, independent understanding of, among others, the “bye-laws”, the last one referred being of 2001 . Covered parking . Chatterjee and Ors. mts. -In addition to the covered spaces specified in the Explanation to sub-section (1) of section 116 E, the covered space in relation to a building shall also include basements, mezzanine floors, barsatis and stilts meant for parking and TV/Telecom towers and hoardings erected on the surface or top or any other open space of a building. The court said that stilt parking space/s being part of common areas, the only right that the promoter has is to charge the cost thereof in proportion to … mts. :. xi) Parking under stilts and basement . Hence, `stilt parking space' is not covered by the term `garage' much less a `flat' and it is part of common areas. builers with hand in glove with politicians, mafias, corupt system have been looting the citizen for sevebral years. If the objection raised by MCD official is based on specific rules and regulations of the Municipality Act, check whether or not it is applicable to you. He has been putting pressure on us to give him NOC and is now threathing us and even the builder has started calling upon us to increase the pressure. your information is very valuable to needy indians. This is a commendable effort on the part of the MCD. 2 Equivalent Car Space (ECS) in plots of size 250-300 sq.m. I extend my greetings and felicitations to all those associated with preparation of this Guide and hope it will prove to be a user-friendly document. = 06 sq. Municipal information, and citizen interaction forms and facilities. (Tejendra Khanna) Lieutenant Governor Owners of residential properties in Delhi, are liable to pay MCD property tax to the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) every year. • Environmental Concerns: Additional Chapter … Though the Licensee raised the said wall up to ceiling height of 12 feet in violation of the Rules, the MCD failed to point out this violation between 1994 to 1997 and take action against the theatre owners.