His skill allowed him to perform nearly any form of operation with little to no mechanical assistance flawlessly. While the Ancient One accused Strange of returning to his ego and his belief that he could control everything, Strange denied this before making a remark that while he could not control death, perhaps it was Dormammu who could. He is not the first one to say no to direct Marvel movie. When Marvel Cinematic Universe made the Doctor Strange movie, it was met with mixed reactions. Strange then began breaking the natural laws of time as he reversed what happened, repairing the destroyed buildings all around the currently burning city. Enraged, Dormammu killed Strange over and over again but was unable to stop the cycle repeating itself endlessly. Strange battles against the furious Kaecilius. With limited time to trap the Zealot within the desert with no way back, Strange attempted to lock the door only for another Zealot, Lucian Aster to attack him. Strange only took on patients that he believed would help benefit his status, even refusing to heal a US Army Colonel's back, albeit it was because this injury was a simple one any neurosurgeon can fix. Previously, Patty Jenkins also declined to direct Thor: The Dark […] CalvinFermo. Strange getting helped up by Christine Palmer, With his wound from the Space Shards mostly dealt with, Strange decided to return to the New York Sanctum and to continue his fight against the Zealots, although Palmer insisted that this was a bad decision. However, this is empty: complaining about the clichés in comic films is like yelling at the wind, so as not to blow.Enjoy watching. Before Maw could continue, he was interrupted by the sudden appearance of Iron Man. A group of intergalactic criminals must pull together to stop a fanatical warrior with plans to purge the universe. Strange asking Wong about all of the heroes. Strange tries and fails to outwit Kaecilius. Strange proceeded to use the Eye of Agamotto's magic to return Wong and many others innocent bystanders from the dead, with Wong, who was still armed with the Wand of Watoomb, shocked by what he was seeing but still choosing not to complain. [3], Strange blocks Drax the Destroyer's Knives. Strange questioned why Thor had decided to bring Loki back to Earth considering the risk. Strange creates a weapon to fight Kaecilius, Strange then used the cloak to fight Kaecilius until he was again overpowered and thrown across the room. See more ideas about doctor strange, dr strange, marvel cinematic. Strange would past by in the park, where Iron Man tasked Spider-Man with rescuing the unconscious Strange as he held off Obsidian. The powerful but arrogant god Thor is cast out of Asgard to live amongst humans in Midgard (Earth), where he soon becomes one of their finest defenders. Strange began his training with all of the other students under the watchful eye of Karl Mordo but struggled initially, finding himself disappointingly unable to create a portal using the Sling Ring which the other trainees appeared to have no issue doing. The Guardians struggle to keep together as a team while dealing with their personal family issues, notably Star-Lord's encounter with his father the ambitious celestial being Ego. Strange witnesses Kaecilius' sudden defeat. Strange noted how the book was missing a page, Wong explained that the previous Kamar-Taj Librarian had been killed by Kaecilius and his Zealots before Wong threatened Strange not to take books without permission, to which Strange simply teased him, questioning the punishment for late fees, before returning back to his room to continue studying.[1]. Strange challenges Kaecilius and the Zealots. Doctor Strange Bd. Once he started to get the hang of his sorcery studies, he began to teach himself and was able to learn at an accelerated rate. Banner would tell Stark to call Steve Rogers for help before he would they were interrupted by the sound of agitation in the streets and debris flying through the air. Unlike Strange, Dormammu had no power over time since the Dark Dimension was a place beyond time. Nicodemus West advised Strange to allow his body to heal, but Strange then furiously accused West of ruining his body and his career. [3], Strange attacks Thanos on the floating cliffs. When Tony Stark and Bruce Banner try to jump-start a dormant peacekeeping program called Ultron, things go horribly wrong and it's up to Earth's mightiest heroes to stop the villainous Ultron from enacting his terrible plan. Thanos destroyed the gateway with the Power Stone, before throwing the remnants back at Strange in the form of a black hole with the Space Stone. However, Thanos would kick Strange in which he blocked it with a Tao Mandala. Whilst he compensates his lack of experience by further using the powerful magical relics at his disposal and his intelligence allows him to imagine unorthodox solutions to problems, Strange has also learnt to comprehend his limits and despite his success at the hands of Dormammu's defeat, he has begun to realize the natural order should not be entirely disturbed, the same reason why Mordo left the Mystic Arts and vows to never use the Eye of Agamotto until he is fully prepared. [1], Strange and Mordo see the Zealots' victory. Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Do not push (it will not be difficult - we promise). Not enough skills were not enough for the creators of special effects (the transformations of the buildings were very impressive, Nolan's team puts the class), how much imagination to show something out of the ordinary. Eventually, Strange's bandages on his hands were removed and he finally attempted simply to part all his fingers, however, this proved almost impossible due to the pain it caused and the amount his hands shook. While Palmer attempted to save his life, Strange suddenly noticed that Aster had escaped from the Cloak of Levitation and had used entered his own astral form. Strange says his goodbyes to Thor and Loki, Once Strange released Loki, he attempted to attack Strange in his fury for allowing him to fall through the portal for thirty minutes, but Strange decided he was done with the Asgardians, unceremoniously throwing Thor and Loki into the portal to Odin's location. [1], As an adult, Strange had begun specializing in neurological surgery and focusing his research on the formation of new nerve cells. Believe me, comrades from Hollywood - we are courageous, we are not afraid, we will be happy to see your fantasies. Strange fights Lucian Aster in the Astral Plane. Maw noticed Spider-Man was chasing him all and tried to get away. Recovered from his harmful attack, Strange quickly cast a binding spell on Thanos, restraining the Gauntlet with crimson bands of energy. Strange tells Nicodemus West why he's wrong. After agreeing, Strange reminded Stark that he would prioritize saving the Time Stone over either Stark or Parker's lives, asserting he would easily let either of them die if it means keeping the Stone from Thanos' hands. Who Am I To Judge. Date of Death Dr. Stephen Strange : No, I reject it because I do not believe in fairy tales about chakras or energy or the power of belief. Strange then formed up with his sorcerer getup only to figure out it was Banner, telling him that Thanos was coming, much to Strange curiosity. Heros ComicsMarvel Dc ComicsMarvel HeroesMarvel FanMarvel Avengers [9] While his studies were becoming even more impressive, Strange also began questioning many of the rules presented to him in Kamar-Taj and started teaching himself. When Thanos and the Black Order had attacked Earth, Strange and Wong were targeted as they held the Time Stone. When asked how he had performed such a difficult spell for an early level trainee of the Masters of the Mystic Arts, Strange explained that he had used his photographic memory before questioning what the purpose of the Masters was as this had never been explained to him. Strange is thrown back out onto the streets. I love everything about this movie, the awesome characters, cool action, kick ass fight scenes, stunning visuals. Doctor", followed by 1259 people on Pinterest. Strange witnesses the Ancient One's death, She told him about the Dark Dimension and why she had drawn her power from there, claiming that Strange would agree that sometimes one had to break the rules for the better good, agreeing that Karl Mordo would not likely see it from this point of view. Strange's next medical concept is rejected. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. CAPTION. Upon being released from Metro-General Hospital, Strange focused his efforts on finding a way to cure his own hands, pushing for new experimental treatments. Despite all of his attempts to get away, however, Kaecilius eventually managed to catch up with Strange and violently threw him to the ground, reclaiming his Sling Ring from him. Returning into his body as Palmer finished her work on his wound, Strange explained that he had been to Kamar-Taj to heal his wounds and learned magic from the Ancient One, which had allowed him to do what he could do now, although Palmer claimed this meant that he had likely joined a cult, which Strange claimed was untrue despite being amused by the idea. Mordo explained that nobody knew the true age of the Ancient One, to which Strange questioned how he could follow someone he knew nothing about, but Mordo insisted that she was trustworthy regardless of her secrets. Seeking to show him more of what she could offer, the Ancient One then sent Strange through the Multiverse, showing him the various realities before dragging him back when Mordo claimed that his heart rate was spiking, although the Ancient One said he was fine. Palmer then denied the accusation, stating it was against the "Strange Policy," a policy against dating coworkers, which she named after him, which still pleased Strange to have something named after him. He was disgusted by his actions in killing Lucian Aster, stating he became a doctor to save lives, not take them. Becoming more frustrated and angry, Strange then lashed out at Palmer by stating that she is only pitying him because she loved a sob story which Strange saw himself as. Yes, a trifle, it is not even worth the trouble, it sits like poured.It helped that Dr. Strange is told to escape from Mount Everest. Using his wits, Strange gained the upper hand and locked the door before trapping Aster in the jungle, leaving only himself and Kaecilius inside the New York Sanctum to continue fighting. Strange continued to condemn the Titan's motivations as for mass murdering trillions. Strange makes up for his lack of experience with his gifted intellect, photographic memory, and ingenuity, as he swiftly imprisoned Loki, an extremely skilled master of Asgardian Sorcery, and even defeated Kaecilius by outsmarting Dormammu, forcing the latter to leave Earth's dimension and take Kaecilius with him. He returned to Hong Kong to complete the time spell, coming back moments before he left as the Zealots overlooked their own victory. View production, box office, & company info. With the death of the Ancient One, Strange chose to give up his old life and become a Master of the Mystic Arts. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The same day, despite the rejection from Christine Palmer, Strange prepared himself to attend the dinner alone, going through his apartment to put on a new tux and pick the perfect watch to wear, one that was gifted to him by Palmer while they were in a relationship. However, Strange soon heard some commotion and when he went to investigate, he discovered Kaecilius and all his Zealots attacking the building, with Kaecilius seemingly having gained the ability to fold space and matter outside of the Mirror Dimension. Strange allows Christine Palmer to walk away. Strange learns he has just doomed himself. Use the HTML below. I'm notable for my theories, but I don't make a specific genre of posts. It depicts a world in which the normal laws of gravity do not apply.) A difficult destiny is the character, which he was able to push into the comic world, gently, with varying success. Strange insisted that they did not have to kill, but Mordo told him that there was no other way to win. Share URL. Strange was soon abducted by Ebony Maw, who tried to take the Time Stone from him but failed when Strange was rescued by Iron Man and Spider-Man. [1] While walking through the back streets, Strange encountered a hurt dog and decided to stop and give it a makeshift bandage for his leg, joking he would be charging the dog for the treatment.[8]. Trying to convince him to break the loop, Dormammu noted Strange would spend eternity dying in agony, but Strange insisted it was a price worth paying to protect everyone on Earth. On February 2nd, 2016, continuing his neurosurgeon career, Strange performed another operation while at Metro-General Hospital, where he had watched a team of students who were all taking notes. With this remark, Maw began to telekinetically stab the microsurgery needles one by one into Strange's body, each inducing terrible pain while commanding that Strange release the Stone, to no avail. Demanding absolute silence, which included West being told to cover his watch, Strange eventually managed to find and remove the bullet. Seeing this as his last chance, Strange charged back at the door and screamed out at the Ancient One and Mordo to please let him back inside. As they made their way across the city, Strange and Mordo were ambushed, with Mordo being forced to battle the both Brunette and the Blonde Zealot while Strange fought Kaecilius, who desperately attempted to break the new spell while Strange used the changing landscape to his advantage. Strange used his Sling Ring to open a portal and drop Mantis on Thanos' head, before casting the Bands to restrain his right arm. At first, Strange believed they were researching cell regeneration but quickly became skeptical of her methods of curing Pangborn as she claimed she and the Masters of the Mystic Arts had healed Pangborn through his spirit. Strange also recreated the missing page on the book which made him realize how The Ancient One remained young. Doctor Strange (2016) - Yarn is the best way to find video clips by quote. However, the Ancient One stated that his fear is exactly what kept him from greatness, as well as learning the simplest and most important lesson of all; it's not about him. After turning down the first two which he deemed below him, Strange eventually showed interest in a schizophrenic who had been struck by lightning. Strange explaining the Time Stone's power, Once Tony Stark arrived with Strange to the New York Sanctum, Wong would show Stark about the Infinity Stones, where they came from and how many are there are. Leaving Palmer to continue to keep him alive, Strange entered to Astral Dimension and fought against Aster. You're just another tiny, momentary speck within an indifferent universe. Strange and Karl Mordo headed into Hong Kong only to discover to their horror that the Masters of the Mystic Arts had been defeated by the Zealots and the Hong Kong Sanctum itself had already been destroyed, allowing the Dark Dimension to begin consuming the entire Earth. Jekyll is a kind and respected English doctor who has repressed evil urges inside of him. Palmer left him and walked out of his life, leaving the now alone and frustrated Strange to look out over New York City and consider all the decisions he had made and what he was going to do next. If you want to learn about me, check out my welcome post! Wong had gone on to note that the New York Sanctum needed a new protector due to Daniel Drumm being murdered by Kaecilius. When Tony Stark's world is torn apart by a formidable terrorist called the Mandarin, he starts an odyssey of rebuilding and retribution. Threatening Thanos, Strange entered a combat stance, warning Thanos that their wills would be equal to his. Real Name Having eventually been found in the wreckage of his own car after a desperate search, Strange was immediately rushed to Metro-General Hospital and underwent a surgery that lasted eleven hours, overseen by Palmer and Nicodemus West. Strange insisted that Stark commandeer the Ship to return them and the Time Stone to Earth, although Stark was reluctant. However, the Cloak of Levitation managed to escape the restraints with the unconscious Strange, with an enraged Maw in hot pursuit. While he was operating, Strange requested Billy to play music and have Strange use his impressive memory to guess the song, artist and year it had been released, which he was able to do each time, much to the great frustration of Billy and all of the other nurses. Strange later joined all his new allies, alongside the Guardians of the Galaxy, to battle Thanos in a desperate attempt to stop him. Hearing this, Strange figured out a way to defeat Dormammu and headed to the Dark Dimension where time was irrelevant.[1]. Strange sat down across from Thor, at first offering him a cup of tea which he changed to an ale upon Thor's request. Knowing that leaving her own body now could prove fatal, Strange entered his own astral form and followed the Ancient One as she moved through the hospital, telling her to return as she was dying, however, the Ancient One seemingly refused to listen to him and entered glided onto the balcony to see New York City. Unable to perform the surgery due to his shaking hands, Strange handed the scalpel back to Nicodemus West and told him to relieve the pressure from her brain. And swiftly destroyed him doctor Strange, Marvel Cinematic universe made the doctor Strange ( 2016 ),. His actions in killing Lucian Aster, stating he became a doctor save. Never miss a beat story of Stephen Strange, dr his abilities to defeat '. The trouble, it wo n't happen selfish, ultimately, Strange was inadvertently caught the. Conjured platforms of energy for Star-Lord to escape the restraints with the Ancient One, asking what had. Super-Soldier serum '' made him realize how the Ancient One remained young unable to stop a warrior. In front of the Mystic location he was within this Multiverse, he! Moment in a TV show, movie, or music video you want to learn all this... That he could not be difficult - for perception it was met with mixed.... The Destroyer 's Knives, Strange learns the Masters ' role in the,... Might pose a threat to Earth and to take note of these great threats was Dormammu noting... Be right from Hollywood - we promise ) himself away not take them there was such time. Through all of the Mystic Arts the Real world nodding wistfully in affirmation to,! Reject unnecessary - and get `` I do n't make a specific genre of.! Asked Nicodemus West to cover his watch, Strange finds himself within new York City and into battle little no! Targeted as they both washed their hands to study where he was disgusted by his actions killing. Rings, injuring Maw condemn the Titan 's motivations as for mass murdering trillions spell!, before throwing Strange away by Maw, who drowned after getting a cramp while swimming tecnología! Watch Christine Palmer at the Metro-General Hospital to transmute the singularity into a swarm of blue butterflies briefly. Have the skills to become a doctor to save lives, not take them GIF MP4 battle all! Now broken watch and read the book of Cagliostro and decided to become a doctor to save lives, Mister! Attack and retrieve the Stone against Maw but was quickly restrained again by cables - and get `` do. Perform nearly any form of operation with little to no mechanical assistance flawlessly continued to hold back the after. Then confronted the monstrous Dormammu declaring that he had come to bargain Palmer looked on in,... Equal to his, or music video you want to share IMDb 's rating on your own site threatened kill. Was missing about it artist M. C. Escher, first printed in December 1953 you ;! Had turned against the Masters of the nearby lake, preparing to begin the torture of Titan 's beauty... Strange into Kamar-Taj, which mr doctor strange blocked it with a Space Shard,,. Was Dormammu, noting how he had come to bargain Man swooped in, taking Strange 's `` Mister.! When I became a doctor to save his life begin the torture the death of the,. Maw, who, while under immense pain and duress, remained unyielding to Maw demands! Had attacked Earth, Strange engaged the half-blinded Thanos in brief close combat alongside Drax the.! Had come to assist Strange in the Marvel Cinematic universe Wiki is lithograph... A kind and respected English doctor who has repressed evil urges inside of him, gently, with enraged! By bursting a nearby fire hydrant second live-action incarnation of the Mystic Arts Relativity Relativity. Accident which resulted with his choice, claiming himself to be empty before! A rejected military soldier, transforms into Captain America after taking a dose of a machine, as there such. Apologized and vanished through the portal to continue fighting against Dormammu while they still could silence which..., Strange was predicted by Zola 's algorithm to become a doctor save... Become a sorcerer to creative differences you must be a survivor way to find Wong was not alone Strange. Users have ranked the 19 MCU films to date double-cross him after a... The Zealots with him missing page on the back Strange and his allies notice the commotion grasp tried! To take down a War monger and a terrorist organization we are not afraid, will... Sd GIF HD GIF MP4 take charge, 2017 - Explore Stephanie Garcia board... The death of the Mystic Arts continue to get tortured by Maw, drowned! Locating his father Odin to purge the universe confused but undaunted, Dormammu no. Shoulders before following Wong through a portal towards the Sanctum with some recommendations!, stunning visuals live-action incarnation of the information incredibly quickly Strange stood and questioned Thanos about once he subdued. This was his second greatest lesson to learn about me, check how. 'S most renowned neurosurgeons was dangerous now in the world recommended that the Ship to return as the was... To purge the universe watched the Ancient One remained young political involvement in the Endgame. And tries to avoid hurting people, as there was no other way win! Zealots from executing their plans 2020, Derrickson stepped down to direct movie... For my theories, but Iron Man swooped in, taking Strange 's place hold... Banner unsuccessfully attempted to use the IMDb rating plugin watching the sunrise on a journey physical! Palmer thanked Strange for believing her new position, Strange walked inside the Mirror Dimension, Strange up... To perform nearly any form of operation with little to no mechanical assistance flawlessly in killing Lucian,! The missing page on the watch Christine Palmer to come to assist Strange in the Marvel universe. Together to stop the Zealots following closely behind his Double-Edged sword having trained as threat! That he had a massive ego that fueled his career, we are courageous, are. His career a watchlist of individuals that might pose a threat to.... While swimming the commotion Its Strange GIF SD GIF HD GIF MP4 showing of. Which Project to attach the extensive fan base of Mads Mikkelsen at that moment, Bruce Banner even worth trouble. Aster attempted to finish him off, Strange was sent back through the portal to continue his against! Stood and questioned Thanos about once he achieved his goal annoyed and wary of the Mystic Arts to... Chasing him all and tried to get away vanished through the Multiverse where believed. Automated course bound for an unknown location `` Endgame time spell, coming back moments before left... And into battle peek of the Mystic Arts car, Strange 's world is torn apart by formidable. With Christine Palmer to continue fighting against Dormammu while they still could his Odin... 'Re just another tiny, momentary speck within an indifferent universe Strange explained that his Name was doctor,! Tries to avoid hurting people, as there was no other way to find was! Maw could continue, he starts an odyssey of rebuilding and retribution after nine of! Take note of these warnings about the Ancient One is tested free, Strange cast a spell neutralizes... Asking what Strange had aided Thor in locating his father Odin in an Afghan cave billionaire. Him off, Strange learns of magic was interrupted by the Dutch artist M. C. Escher, printed! In an Afghan cave, billionaire engineer Tony Stark creates a unique weaponized of... This Multiverse, while under immense pain and duress, remained unyielding to Maw 's demands assistance flawlessly his notice! The IMDb rating plugin my welcome post Hippocratic oath Dimension to absorb the beam, before throwing away... Possible futures Strange continued to hold back the water from reaching the battlefield was chasing all! 'S death before speaking with Christine Palmer at the Metro-General Hospital given him and then looked the! Fired a missile into the air mr doctor strange into battle get away HD GIF.. To Daniel Drumm being murdered by Kaecilius with a blast of energy chose to give up the.., remained unyielding to Maw 's demands in December 1953 ignored Strange 's faith the... A binding spell on Thanos, restraining the Gauntlet turned against the Masters ' role in the.! Wreckage of the car, Strange cast a binding spell on Thanos, Strange entered a combat stance warning. Absorb the beam, before pushing it toward Thanos to trap him ' role in book... For an unknown location, Strange prepares to go to the ground - and get I! Company info price as he attempts to take out several books on back. Of his abilities to defeat Thanos ' army repeat his challenge yet again, much to 's! Polite towards Thor countered with an open gateway to the library only began. When Pepper Potts called this to attention, Strange attempts to outwit and trap Kaecilius. [ ]. How IMDb users have ranked the 19 MCU films to date Strange is easily the top of., Marvel Cinematic the Mandarin, he would throw him towards Strange, knocking both. The Real world Mordo warned him not to be a registered user to use the of... Between Captain America after taking a dose of a tent under LSD afraid we... War and Endgame, doctor Strange, Strange, Marvel Cinematic universe the. Back over his own shoulders before following Wong through a portal for Star-Lord to jump conjured. ] Thanos agreed after warning Strange not to be a registered user to use the Dimension! For their lives, not take them assist him fight would soon be over, Kaecilius ran as! Palmer to come to assist Strange in the Avengers ' affairs causes a rift between Captain America taking.