Bună! Enjoy lovelies! "Hi..." Her quiet voice gave in perfectly to Canada's. Reader from the story Hetalia OneShots by TheGrinningKitten with 2,538 reads. oneshots, anime, seme. Reader - Making Friends. Mexico (メキシコ,Mekishiko) is a side character in the series Hetalia: World series and Beautiful world. Summary: In the same vein as Bunnies For Your Amusement, I now bring you my collection of Hetalia Kink Meme oneshots and short stories featuring the North American twins, America and Canada! your own Pins on Pinterest More chaos. America: “Hi, can I take your order, babe?” asked the waiter, who sent you a wink. England has found out what it is. Canada pulled her polar bear up so Canada could look at her. America - Alfred F. Jones. This isn't my first one-shot book so I know what I'm getting into and I don't think I'm a terrible writer. All those who were planning to come had to write down their names on a list that was pinned up on the bulletin board. With a c?" England pulled the door out of the way for his female visitor. Apr 11, 2020 - Read Health Class Homework♡Caname from the story Book Of Oneshots by Seraphee69 (Tap Water) with 2,143 reads. Canada. But Kumajjro knows who feeds him. While everyone in the department had put in their name, you were the only one who didn't, and Alfred noticed. Lactation Kink Canada x Reader - Milk. Just asking though. If you don't ship it you'll still love them, and if you do you'll love them even more. Oct 27, 2015 - A lovely collection of heartwarming USUK shorts. Sugar Daddy 2p France x Overweight Reader - Ma Reine Rule 9. Fem! And then, of course, the interest in space waned. France (フランス, Furansu) is a main character in the series, Hetalia: Axis Powers. Se deschid cereri de Hetalia Oneshots fanfiction . ! Plunging yourself in your work was your only comfort, no matter how contradictory it felt. REQUESTS ARE CLOSED! Voi face 2p's și solicitările sunt deschise. #hetalia34 USUK oneshots [completed] A lovely collection of heartwarming USUK shorts. Probabil că nu vor fi mulți, dar îmi pare rău. Summary: Welcome to my Hetalia one-shots. Notes: Here's the first of the ones that I'm bringing over from my Tumblr! "Yeah. Regardless, you waited for him to answer. Suddenly, America's hand snatched down and ripped away your sketchbook. USUK. "Kumajjro?" *puts on German football shirt and sings "Auf uns"* Incubus America x Reader - Stockholm Syndrome. England has found out what it is. Gender rules and roles don't apply here. supernatural, usuk, america. France x Preteen! USUK forever!! And, I do sometimes pair Canada with Fem! hetalia one-shots - ispaninė romano citrina. You blushed, not used to attention from the other gender. So why can't he meet her in some more suitable place? As usual, you decided not to go, since you had your work to complete, and you had no time for a vacation. Discover (and save!) #hetalia It made him too excited. She dipped her head before continuing. "Mhm." exactly what the title says "Are you from Tennessee? He quietly pondered to himself. #powers Reader - Caught in a Net, Father! Read America x Shy! Well, except she was a girl. "I apologize sir, but I can't make it, since I've deadlines to meet." "Of course." Alfred loves the Tea Time cafe, even though the coffee is bad and the food is even worse. Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance Oneshots Hetalia Hetalia X Reader. Welcome to my Hetalia one-shots. Chapter Text. These are my little Hetalia one shots. hetalia vieno kadro knyga, citrinos, laimos - 2p! "Wooow, you draw Canadia a lot. Please don't read if this is uncomfortable for you.) Reader - Branded, Nyo! And you belong to you. #belarus It sounded much like America's when he was living with England, and one just a little thinner than Canada's. Though he did love his "Flying Mint Bunny". America stood still for a second before responding. She was supposed to be a sweet, loud, girl that suited America well. is a community created by the Latin fans of the anime Hetalia, made to explore the original characters that were created by the fans to represent the countries of Latin America. She grinning at him before pulling back her hands, twisting, and walking out the door. KG. Notes: This is also can be found on my wattpad account which is under the same user name. 2020. That's spelled with a k not a c." She paused to drop her hand to her hip. You can comment a ship of your choosing (with all rules in mind) and I will happily write up a one shot for you! Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings; Canada/Netherlands (Hetalia) Canada (Hetalia) Netherlands (Hetalia) Summary. With a k." He exaggerated on the k and c, just like she seemed to. Was his own accent that thick? "I've noticed that you haven't put your name here on the camping list." skaitytojas - paplūdimys * citrina * Skaityti Daugiau . Why does most fanart depict America with tan skin? Various ratings for each chapter ranging from K to T. Rated: Fiction T - English - Chapters: 2 - Words: 1,862 - Reviews: 13 - Favs: 25 - Follows: 14 - Updated: 10/20/2010 - Published: 8/21/2010 - id: 6259829 + - Full 3/4 1/2 Expand Tighten < Prev. South Korea x Male! Trends of America and Canada and the World at Surprise! Anime/Manga One Shots *Reader x Various*NO MORE REQUESTS* Completed October 11, … #romance. Hetalia oneshots by Trashbag_McGee. Feeder America x Overweight Reader - Filled with love. Follow/Fav Hetalia x Reader Oneshots! Anime/Manga Fanfiction Short Stories Hetalia Oneshots America Ameripan Japan China England France Fruk Gerita Germany Italy Russia Oneshot Slightly sad fanfic based on a meme :,) That's how I roll. England brushed off the top of his coat. And his hair always that shiny of a blond? Read USA - Workaholic from the story Hetalia Oneshots by Vongola_10th (Platinum) with 2,233 reads. I'm from another dimension but I think we'll get along great! Were his eyes always that green? "Heh! No matter the circumstance, she was his guest, and he was to welcome her in. ^^ I don't own Hetalia (See the end of the chapter for more notes.) Before you read, I have one question. Mar 28, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by Marie. America (Hetalia)/England (Hetalia) America (Hetalia: Axis Powers) England (Hetalia: Axis Powers) space travel; space; woosh; zap - Freeform; Summary. ... (Ps. This is a bunch of One-shots that all involve a secret with America! Fem! "You may come in." Follow/Fav Hetalia Oneshots Requests are open :) By: Kayla-GreyFanfics. England then noticed how thick her British accent was. Just some one shots I pulled up for Hetalia. The only time you'd "rest" is at night, and that was only for a couple hours. England: http://i1268.photobucket.com/albums/jj566/Lightning55555/tumblr_mcottpi7A81qj8aic_zps08f7b149.jpg, Ingland: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/d8/0e/57/d80e57b79766e2f2a0cb6fdb0e7099e0.jpg. "So," England choked out, trying not to feel strange with the new visitor. America (Hetalia: Axis Powers) England (Hetalia: Axis Powers) USUK...ish; Alternate Universe - Bakery; crackfic; Summary . spune fort de 3 ori (Includes: Seer America, Blind America, Royal America and More!) america, romano, england. you turned to him and spoke monotonously, "Is there an unsatisfied client I need to meet?". Chapter 1. Amerika's hand flew through the air before landing on America's chest. Prussia x Reader x Germany - Who Will You Choose? acejackson2718. Chapter 2: ... Italy and America are clueless the entire time this is going on and just think everyone is starting to get along more; which is great because the two ends up paling around during this whole ordeal. $1Or a friend request :) Germany- Speed Dating $1(Y/N) sat at one of the small, circular tables in the airy room. USUK / TimeTravel!America & Pirate!England; Part 1/9 Saved by Lin Hetalia England Hetalia America Spamano Makoharu Anime Comics Time Travel Pirates Fandoms Otaku Jun 3, 2019 - Read J.B.! oneshots, usuk, hetalia. Hetalijos knyga „Vieni kadrai, citrinos, laimai“ Amerika. Japan was initially extremely reluctant to even go outside to meet America, having been holed up in his house for at least 200 years, but was eventually compelled to interact with him when his claim that … I'm America. If you would like to request a character, I would love love love it if you dropped me a comment on here or a message. usuk, yuri, hetalia. May 23, 2020 - Read America x Reader from the story | Hetalia x Reader | Oneshots by Mayumi_Maria (Potato) with 442 reads. He didn't have these much anymore, especially because he's overshadowed by his older brother. solsong. ~drabble~ from the story Canada One-Shots by D0mini0n_0f_What (vERONICA) with 205 reads. France (フランス, Furansu) is a main character in the series, Hetalia: Axis Powers. But this young lady was here to see him and only him. Your daughter whined to your American husband who was securing his taser in his belt and double checking he had his handcuffs. His house smelt of wood, and polar bear. ! America (Hetalia) North Italy (Hetalia) Denmark (Hetalia) Norway ... Hetalia Shipping Oneshots! She lifted her head to look back into Canada's purple eyes. It didn't even deplete your energy levels, in fact, it only increased it. This was just what he needed. England curved his eyes around the room, before noticing the Flying Mint Bunny in the corner. Sorry. ____________________________________________. He looked down at himself, and through blond bangs he saw his normal green clothes. Hetalia Oneshots, Request Are Welcome!! Apr 11, 2020 - Read Health Class Homework♡Caname from the story Book Of Oneshots by Seraphee69 (Tap Water) with 2,517 reads. Her dress was made of fine Belgian lace and had long sleeves and a full poofy skirt of fine satin. America (Hetalia)/England (Hetalia) America (Hetalia: Axis Powers) England (Hetalia: Axis Powers) USUK...ish; Alternate Universe - Bakery; crackfic; Summary. "It's just really annoying when somebody spells it A-m-e-r-i-c-a. Chapter Text. (All ships are welcome from platonic to romance to gay to straight. Various ratings for each chapter ranging from K to T. If you don't ship it you'll still love them, and if you do you'll love them even more. Canada gave a small smile. your own Pins on Pinterest he replied. The stories though belong to me. Feeder America x Overweight Reader - Filled with love. And that he didn't know the girl was even worse. With a c. So nice to meet you Amerika. She held up Kumajjro. Apr 7, 2017 - Read UsUk : Prince of the Desert from the story Hetalia One-Shots by 4LiberTEA (Very Into Science) with 405 reads. He loved people with pets, though America wasn't one for pets (unless you count whales) and England wasn't one for "real" animals. An insurmountable mountain of paperwork fired you up tremendously. Discover (and save!) "You're from another universe?" Chapter 2- America has a secret. Does wittle Y/N have a wittle cwush on my bwother?" So you're America? Sugar Daddy 2p France x Overweight Reader - Ma Reine ... (Y/n) put her hands up whilst England and France gulped. Rated: Fiction M - English - England/Britain, America, France, Canada - Words: 383 - Reviews: 1 - Follows: 2 - Published: 10/27/2016 - id: 12207846 + - Full 3/4 1/2 Expand Tighten Hetalia: North America Trends. Chapter 2- America has a secret. #axis Various oneshots for my favorite Hetalia characters and pairings! "All of us have deadlines to meet, and since it has everyone pressed, I've arranged this to have everyone loosen up a little." #germany Anime/Manga Hetalia - Axis Powers. Just as if on cue, there was a light knock on his door. Resting? The smiled before beginning to speak. She gave a polite nod before continuing on her way. (WARNING: Contains Mpreg (Male Pregnancy)) (WARNING: Gay one shots (boyxboy) if you don't like it, don't read it!) "Yes." #sweden, America: https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQJk9f74sQxG10iS-6mWAw8tz-m5l4XNnxuJ2uW2RrUSFsBdM1K, Amerika: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/a0/8f/94/a08f94363dcc53c54c88216dc133b649.jpg. If you don't ship it you'll still love them, and if you do you'll love them even more. Your life was fast, every minute had an appointment, you were always on the phone, and you never took a vacation. “My name is Matthew, but you can call me Matt. AprilLilypegasi. Prussia x Male! You knew there would never be an unsatisfied client, since you did your work with perfection, and went through everything with great care and caution, so as to avoid mistakes. He shook his head. Yandere-oneshots of our favorite Hetalia boys, made by yours truely ♥ Mainly 1p x reader x 2p love triangle! #anime Reader - Little Apple Fairy. There stood a female. Sep 19, 2014 - But the kasachok she danced really wunderbar History, German, Historical Germans LO, HERE IS ART While the machine whizzed and whirred, you were lost in thought, trying to put all your work into allotted time slots. "He's mine." The westernization of Japan in the 1800s began when America visited Japan after being instructed by his boss to make friends there to get Japan to open up trade and give them permission to hunt whales. Aș putea face lămâi, dacă sunt solicitate dacă simt nevoia. You said mechanically. It was almost the end of the day, and before you could leave for home and continue your paperwork, you stopped at the vending machine to get a drink. All country x reader. 2p America x Overweight Reader - Webcam . Canada attempted to calm himself, but it was hard. Alfred loves the Tea Time cafe, even though the coffee is bad and the food is even worse. A collection of Hetalia mpreg one shots from the most popular pairings to rare pairings! Look at the request page + the page "I'm back!" Not like you needed any vacations anyway. America/Japan (Hetalia) America (Hetalia) Japan (Hetalia) South Korea (Hetalia) Hong Kong (Hetalia) Mentioned England (Hetalia) Minor Germany/North Italy (Hetalia) 5+1 Things; ameripan - Freeform; Human America (Hetalia) Hetalia Countries Using Human Names; I Don't Even Know; Summary. Jealous! As you were about to walk away from the vending machine, Alfred's voice stopped you in your tracks. "No, but your superior is unsatisfied with you." Sure England! America the Freakin' Awesome. Follow the Trends of the North America Twins! Various oneshots for my favorite Hetalia characters and pairings! Hetalia Oneshots ir citrinos * Prašymai uždaryti * Amerika. Hope you enjoy! Though he had been told England and Canada were going through the same thing. His glasses are said to represent the state of Texas. Reader- Heaven or Hell? Hi there! "Yes." you asked. He looked fine enough. hetalia oneshots & citrinos * prašymai uždaryti * - 2p japonų fem! Her hair was pulled up into pigtails, and she was wearing a red and white dress. Not like he doesn't always, but in his own home he'd always thought of himself as non presentable in his house. Matt has 5 minutes of self confidence in a library in the 50s. England pulled open the door for his visitor. "Is this one yous?" She growled, throwing her hand to her hip once more. "I like yours too." Kumajjra did the same, yet they landed together in a small little white pile. Hetalia oneshots Table of contents. Series. Nu-mi pare rău. #fanfic -England XD. "Hey!" oneshots, yaoi, … From everything he knew, it must've been important. Oct 27, 2015 - A lovely collection of heartwarming USUK shorts. If he were to meet this person in any other place than his own home he'd look more presentable. hetalia, axis, aph. Series. Lactation Kink Canada x Reader - Milk. His human name is Ramiro Sabas Graciano 1 Appearance 2 Personality and Interests 3 Relationships 3.1 America 3.2 Japan 3.3 Russia 3.4 England 3.5 Italy 3.6 Peru 3.7 Bolivia 3.8 Brazil 3.9 Chile 3.10 Argentina 3.11 China 3.12 Guatemala 3.13 Costa Rica 3.14 Panama 3.15 … Chapter 2: DenNor ... has a surprise for Norway <3. Skaityti Daugiau. Hetalia stories and oneshots. Another day, another meeting, another time to get picked on. Nov 30, 2017 - Read Neko! Read Amerika from the story Hetalia Oneshots by Panda13216 (Panda or Yuuri) with 486 reads. America’s Bosses stopped looking at the stars and toward the other nations. Canada lifted his arm to politely allow the lady in. I adore bottom France, America, Denmark, Spain, and Prussia the most.) Sep 7, 2018 - Read Alfred The Klutz from the story Hetalia One-Shots by Vigilant_Schemer with 356 reads. (I don't own Hetalia or any of the pics) Add to library 2,002 Discussion 587. aus, love, humor. 9 months ago MelonJolly . No matter how much work you were given, you would do it tirelessly, much to the amazement of your coworkers. Exactly what the title says. Canada scooped the bear into his arms. Browse through and read or take hetalia oneshots america england stories, quizzes, and other creations. by ari-ridrake (ri-ri) with 8,086 reads. Her blue eyes shone like his, and her hair was a blond golden color, and the best resemblance was the curl on top of her head. Hetalia Oneshots, Request Are Welcome!! One day, the boss of your department, Alfred, announced that the whole department was planning on going for a camp in the mountains on the occasion of Independence day. America x Reader. Her friends had persuaded her to try this weird speed dating thing, in the hopes that she's get … Despite all that, you admittedly felt a little lonesome, but with this busy life of yours, you couldn't do anything. That word never existed in your dictionary. Enjoy my low quality photoshop image. #lithuania "Thanks." 2p America x Overweight Reader - Webcam . Jul 1, 2019 - Read The dumb friend (PruAme, GerIta, Austria) from the story Hetalia oneshots 2 by now-you-will-fall with 1,189 reads. Y/n= your name h/c= Hair color e/c= eye color. She's cute eh?" These are some hetalia oneshots that ill make. Hetalia Oneshots. She gave a shy grin.