The Jane Goodall Institute engages with the global community to educate and inspire people to take collective action, and it also works with communities living in wild spaces to improve their lives through conservation efforts. They imagine a new North American food system that generates wealth and improves health in Native communities through food-related enterprises. We've grouped them into six different categories—ocean conservation, forests and reforestation, wildlife protection, social and environmental justice, climate action, and regenerative agriculture—although each organization may cover additional areas with their work, and each of these categories is intricately linked with the others. Get involved:Make a donation, become a member, or add your voice to a number of specific campaigns. *Listen to its co-founder Orsola de Castro speak on Green Dreamer Podcast EP22. It works together with brands and governments to restore native forests, promote and expand urban forests, and improve upon forest policy. The group works to empower communities and create sustainable, high standard, and scalable initiatives for reforestation. Crop Rotation: Crop rotation is defined as “the successive planting of different crops on the same land to improve soil fertility and help control insects and diseases.” This farming practice is beneficial in several ways, most … Reusability - reducing consumer waste. Founded by National Geographic photographer Paul Nicklen and pioneering conservation photographer Cristina Mittermeier, the organization leads visual storytellers on underwater expeditions and uses the power of visual storytelling to create change. Sustainable nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) make essential contributions to the environment, society and the sustainability of the world at large. ... For example, during 2006, in response to the growing demand for alternative fuels, many American farmers began selling their corn crop for ethanol production. sustainable agriculture, water, oceans and disaster readiness.2 The present Survey focuses on three of these cross-sectoral issues with immediate implications for realizing sustainable development, namely: (a) sustainable cities, (b) food and nutrition security and (c) energy transformation. What is a Sustainable Organization? As political and business leaders gather for the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, this week, a roster of the most sustainable companies is also … Sierra Club is a U.S.-based grassroots environmental organization dedicated to enjoying, exploring, and protecting the earth for everyone. Contribute to its storytelling efforts in its award-winning journal; pledge to boycott companies guilty of abuse against Indigenous communities; Equal Education for Girls Globally petition, Make a one-time or recurring donation here. The organization uses its research to work with policymakers and private businesses to reform policies and build sustainable solutions. American Forests is a national conservation organization working in the U.S. and Canada to advance the conservation of forests. Based on an exhaustive review of the available research in this area and our own experience, we offer ideas on how to find and develop board members, chief executive officers and senior leaders who are capable of executing long-term sustainable strategies. Notably, the group has been involved in the protection of over 400 national monuments as well as the passage of the United States' Clean Air Act and Endangered Species Act. Goal 7, for example (ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy for all) addresses simultaneously the economic, social and environmental dimensions of the SDGs. However, since their operations run on donations and fundraisers, contributing financially and getting involved in whichever ways we are able to can really help to make a difference. 16 Organizations Promoting Sustainable Fishing Practices Eva Perroni. Institutions and organizations. Get involved: Make a one-time or monthly donation, and add your voice to important campaigns. To ensure your purchases support sustainability, you can also keep an eye out for the 1%FTP logo denoting that a business is a member of the organization. Donations are also welcome. Whenever we learn about some social or environmental issue, as the problem solvers and aspiring changemakers that we are, the natural next question we may ask is: Shifting our lifestyle and consumer choices is one way we can help address particular problems; getting politically active with our voices and votes can also help push for more systemic, widespread change. Get involved: Plug into a local group near you and support the initiatives they are working on. The nonprofit primarily works with global leaders and lawmakers to create policies for the conservation of marine biodiversity, and the areas it covers include science-based fishery management, sustainable fishing practices, and the proper disposal of hazardous materials. 350 is a 501(3)(c) nonprofit that believes in a just, prosperous, and equitable world built with the power of ordinary people. To explore possible approaches, Safe Horizon engaged Wellspring Consulting to undertake a new strategic plan in 2015. They offer a certification program for brands selling rainforest-friendly products and work alongside activists, businesses, small farmers, and forest communities to drive positive social, environmental, and economic change across forest landscapes. Corporate Knights, a Toronto-based media company, just announced its … Get involved: Donate what you can; purchase its co-founder's award-winning cookbook. Get involved: Sign up to take actionon a specific campaign, adopt a species, go on one of its partner-led conservation trips, or simply follow along with its work. How to Use 12 Principles of Permaculture to Grow Sustainable Organizations. This is where sustainable tourism enters the stage. For charitable nonprofits, the phrase “sustainability” is commonly used to describe a nonprofit that is able to sustain itself over the long term, perpetuating its ability to fulfill its mission. Sustainability is a comprehensive approach to management of organizations which is focused on creating and maximizing long-term economic, social and environmental value. Get involved:Check out current campaigns to get involved in or make a donation. They are led by people who choose to approach agriculture and food from an indigenous way of thinking. Get involved: Donate directly or sign up to stay in touch with the group’s efforts. Get involved: Contribute to its storytelling efforts in its award-winning journal; pledge to boycott companies guilty of abuse against Indigenous communities; donate. The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) notes that tourism is capable of driving high economic status in developing countries. Photo credit: Peninsula Compost Group 10. School Girls Unite is a nonprofit on a mission to tackle prejudice against girls worldwide while expanding their freedom and opportunities through education and leadership. Position Paper of the Non-Governmental Organizations Major Group High Level Political Forum 2018 Summary For the 2030 Agenda to be truly transformative, urgent action is required to reorient and restructure global systems towards equity and justice. One key way to scale corporate social and environmental programs is to partner with organizations that are already building traction and strong foundations in reaching the SDGs. International Network for Trade and Sustainable Development United Nations for Sustainable Development World Wide Web Virtual Library on Sustainable Development World Business Council for Sustainable Development Institute for Sustainable Enterprise, Fairleigh Dickenson University Biogen is the leading developer of therapies for people suffering from neurological, autoimmune, and hematologic diseases. Lonely Whale Foundation is a nonprofit founded through SEE (Social & Environmental Entrepreneurs), serving as an incubator for ideas that drive positive change for our oceans. Organizations that may be of interest: International Society of Sustainability Professionals; NetImpact; You should begin to familiarize yourself with the work of other professionals publishing in your area of study. Green travelers can even opt for Rainforest Alliance certified hotels and tours around the world, and brands looking to improve their practices can work together with the alliance to transform their businesses. A subset of organizations deeply incorporates sustainability in the company’s mission or core values. It combines science, expertise, and transparency to create communities invested in reducing carbon pollution. from recruitment strategic plans up to non-profit strategic plan examples, must be created in an organized manner. This was exactly the sort of opportunity predicted by Porter and van der Linde (1995). SeaLegacy is a collective of photographers, filmmakers, and storytellers committed to creating healthy and abundant oceans for people and the planet. It initially began in 2010 as a challenge by its founder, Rebecca Burgess, to only wear garments grown, dyed, and manufactured within 150 miles of her home. Contributor: Kamea Chayne is the podcast host and creator of Green Dreamer. Get involved: Make a donation, add your voice to important campaigns, and commit to “living blue” by making daily changes that will benefit our oceans. O n 25 September 2015, a process led by the United Nations (UN) resulted in the 193 Member States adopting 17 global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)1 seeking to end poverty, fight inequality and injustice, and tackle climate change by 2030. In light of this, we put together this nonexhaustive list of 34 nonprofits you can check out and support for a sustainable future. Organizations, therefore, are in desperate need of sustainable leaders who can balance short-term and long-term priorities and create value for a variety of stakeholders. Regardless of the size of the organization, there are things we can all do to participate in conserving resources. No doubt, without innovation in the workplace, no business establishment can record any significant growth. Regenerative Agriculture Alliance is a nonprofit is "a community of industry leaders, farmer and public interest organizations, food sector businesses and cooperatives, tribes and elected officials” dedicated to a regenerative future.